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  1. Fareid Ali says:

    Stephenie, Lisa, Patty have done an excellent presentation on MS patients in real life situation however I would have liked to have seen the issue of time and effort costs allocated to caring for patients without bearing the burden of responsibilities of patients as such. This may sound cold and too calculating but it does matter the patients themsel were not listening to the presentation, family members do allocate unpaid time and dedication to theirbrelatives of MS and a host of other ailments. They do get tired and stressed out and frustration results , away time from patients can bring and introduce guilt feelings. this is never addressed in the caring section of the family manual. Relatives are expected to pull the weight unabated without complaint or fraustration. There should be a video separately designed on that aspect prior to addressing and viewed by relatives and not just counselors with relatives. The cost of T&E for relatives should be addressed and not just expected. They either Will have a compensation method in addition to their own T&E. Practicality with MS patients as well as others are very often overlooked and expected of relatives. Guilt of this is one he’ll of a burden to carry even with friends, questions are asked and caring answers are given. Antidepressants should not be the result for relatives of MS. Caring is round the clock recovery and adaptation is a must and necessary. It is very commendable to undertake a unrewarding task as this but however very very necessary. No friend, no relative, no professional Will ever question this. However after walking away they will whisper Thank GOD it is NOT i. Excellent Job by the presenters this is Reality and not a Joke.MS is quite real.

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